Lindsay Garland Bags


After years of running a successful designer pillow workroom, Lindsay, owner of Garland Bags, had amassed an impressive remnant collection. She was inspired to make a clutch for herself using some of her favorite fabrics, so she researched and tinkered with various methods and materials before completing a satisfactory prototype. Upon sharing a photo of the clutch she created on social media, Lindsay realized that there were quite a few kindred spirits who, like her, appreciated these exceptional textiles beyond their use in the home. Thus, Garland Bags was born.

Lindsay and her family live in Savannah, Georgia. Her Garland Bags have grown into a coveted collection that are featured in select boutiques and pop-ups across the country, and have a cult following on Instagram where they sell out within hours and days of being made available for purchase. She is a native of Atlanta, a graduate of the University of Georgia, the best wife Travis could ever hope for, and a mother to two phenomenal children.