**For All Wholesale Inquiries please email contact@garlandbags.com

Welcome to Garland Bags Wholesale. We're so happy that you're a part of the Garland Bags family! 

These unique handbags have garnered a fun, cult following in recent years that we know will extend into your retail experience.  All bags will ship to you along with a commensurate number of dust bags to be included at the time of sale.  

The minimum order is 8 bags, with the exception of reorders of previously purchased bags.  If you would like territorial protection, the minimum order is 12 bags. For belts, there is a minimum of 10 buckles (bands sold separately - quantity purchased is the discretion of the purchaser). Territorial protection is extended within zip code, unless other arrangements have been made directly with us.  The protection lasts through two collection seasons after your 12-piece purchase. After a second season without purchase, your territory will again be available to other retailers.  All bags come equipped with grommets for removable shoulder chains (short or crossbody - chains sold separately).    

We're thrilled that you're here, and look forward to a long relationship with you!