Let me introduce you to Ashley. She tries to be a good girl but she’s just so baaaaad. Yesterday she made a right-hand turn with NO BLINKER. 😱 She knows she should buy reusable grocery bags but yes, plastic will be fine. No matter how much she tries to focus, dirty thoughts always seem to creep in while she’s at church. 😬 Ashley laughed when that woman tripped and fell outside of Applebee’s last week. She doesn’t wash her recycle trash before putting it in the bin - for that matter, she uses plastic water bottles like crazy. Monster. She knows she should reciprocate having playdates over at her house, but ugh it’s just too much. She refuses to make eye contact with the homeless, and she doesn’t donate her change at the checkout counter. I guess she could be worse.

I know we’ve seen this clutch before but it’s such a hit I wanted to be sure y’all knew it was back in stock!