Meet Pascal. She’s a young free spirit and has just spent 10 minutes regaling you with tales of her recent 3 month trip to Marrakech. Easy to be a young free spirit when you’re the youngest child of one of Atlanta’s top investment advisors. She attended the most expensive and prestigious private school in Atlanta and was in the snootiest sorority at UGA, but through it all she insisted on looking like she may or may not have just rolled out of bed. Or rolled a joint. Never any makeup, extremely long hair, Birkenstock’s, tie dye shirts. Did she mention she just got back from Marrakech? She learned how to charm a snake from a man in the market up the road from her hostel. She somehow ended up dining with a wealthy import/export magnate in an elaborate tented desert dinner filled with candles, rugs and down-filled cushions. “Somehow” means a distant business associate of her dad’s. She’s a hookah “expert” now and has been wearing nothing but tunics since she got back. Oh did she tell you about the snake charmer? Anyway this particular tunic was purchased from the most charming little family whose children were adorably shoeless running around the market and filthy. Oh to be a child again! She got a hell of a deal on that tunic.
This fabric is Oscar de la Renta for Lee Jofa and it so appeals to the bohemian in me! So light up a joint (or a candle - whatever you’re into) and have a great time with Pascal!