This is Celia.  She's the queen of Dublin, GA.  I know she has mastered the refined Southern lady vibe but friend, Celia has a bonfire ready to flare up at a moment's notice.  She plays tennis but always pre-games with mimosas, and once told Patricia on Team B that she wishes she WOULD serve that first serve at her face and she'll knock her so hard she'll think the ground flew up and hit her.  She monograms everything with a matching shade of celadon to create a calming mood in her home, but if her husband pisses her off and walks out of the room, she shoots him a bird so aggressively that her middle finger leads her across the room as if on autopilot.  Celia is a really good time on the porch after dinner but after her best 3 stories she gets windy as a sack full of farts.  She's delightful in most ways, just don't cross her.  She ahs been a season ticket holder to Georgia games for 35 years.  GO DAWGS!