McKenzie. She lives in Georgia (not Savannah) and owns Barland Bags (a luxury sandbag line). McKenzie is on day 5 of quarantine and whoooooeeee she’s looking ROUGH! The lack of schedule has resulted in McKenzie going days at a time without ever really getting dressed. She also hasn’t washed her hair in 4 days and hasn’t worn makeup in 3. Don’t even ask about her bikini area or overall shaving maintenance. 🙅‍♀️ McKenzie’s husband, bless him, did the grocery shopping the last couple of trips and loaded up on chips, crackers, cheese, boxed mac and cheese, ground beef, tater tots and chicken fingers. So McKenzie is up at least 2 pounds and it’s not helping with her motivation to stay clean and dressed. McKenzie works from home, sewing her sandbags and since her kids are now home from school, she yells all day long, and wine thirty is getting earlier and earlier. She hasn’t even started homeschooling - that’s next week. She has laid out a daily schedule for the kids that includes virtual field trips, stem projects, daily walks outside, and a daily life skill. But in reality, they will do their 1.5 hours of worksheets, an hour of reading (which will be them screwing around in their rooms with the doors closed) and then mostly them being bored and telling her every 15 minutes. For the next 8 months of this motherf#*$! quarantine. McKenzie’s favorite song is Dirty Diana.