Mimi (Mom)

So today I’m posting another clutch named Mimi, based on my mom, Mimi. She has been a badass since the day I was born. She was getting her Masters when I arrived, and as legend has it, went back to school to take finals a week or two after having me (via c-section). On her way she fought off a bear and saved 5 orphans from a burning building. She worked her way up the corporate ladder at a major bank as I was growing up, accomplishing things that I really didn’t fully understand or appreciate until I was an adult. She refused me junk food for most of my childhood, which I hated then but am now putting my own children through. You want a snack? Here’s an orange! Time for dinner - here’s chicken and veggies again! Mom has always been the best pep-talker in the world - full of calm wisdom and perspective. Her motto is “never let them see you sweat” and nobody ever saw her sweat, that’s for sure. But for all her projected strength she is enormously nurturing and affectionate. She is the best grandmother ever - striking a perfect balance between doting and not letting them push her around. She is a phenomenal Shag dancer in the kitchen after dinner, loves music (even though she can’t really make any), is the biggest champion of those she loves, and is a solid rock for so very many people in her family and life. She is my hero and best friend. Her favorite song is anything written and sung by her husband. ❤️