Meet Sandra.  I know that on the outside Sandra may seem like an elegant, responsible, maybe snooty lady, but rest assured there is more to her.  Yes she loves chinoiserie, pearls and expensive clothes but in two days she will descend upon Burning Man with the intensity of a Jack Russell on coke, which she will be on.  She will sample a variety of psychedelics, noodle for 5 hours straight one night, eat 36 grilled cheese sandwiches, sleep with one yoga instructor, 2 investment bankers, and catch the clap.  She will ride on the back of a 10-seater bike that shoots flames with a 75 year old vagabond named Stu who communicates through "beep" sounds.  When she is done she will come back home where she has a successful dental practice and resume her life as usual.  In her office she plays an adult contemporary Spotify playlist, but in her car she plays Lizzo.