Meet Sheridan.  Sheridan is an equestrian.  She was born into a family of generational wealth and always had a braid in her hair until the age of 14.  Sheridan's childhood was such that trips to the Caribbean, giant mansions and summer homes were passé and boring to her - normal shit.  As Sheridan aged, she began to notice boys because they noticed her - at least someone was noticing her.  So she messed around with the pool boy, the yard guy, the math tutor and even the lacrosse coach (oops).  Sheridan eventually graduated to other stimulating conquests that took the form of powders and pills.  She had quite an exciting reputation at her boarding school.  Upon graduating she landed a prestigious internship with an established fashion house in New York but her heart wasn't in it.  Then one day she met Erika, a chef in a restaurant where Sheridan was attending a work dinner.  It was love at first sight and now they have two dogs and own a gourmet meal delivery service in Denver where Sheridan is starting a blog aimed at lesbian foodies.  She's wearing braids again.  The end.